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“ We at Deuteronsoft, enable agility in your organization’s culture, leadership, strategy, and governance that adds value to your stakeholders who operate in uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments ”

What’s your Goal



Value, by definition, is the unquantifiable salience, contrasting the measurement of qualities in comparison to mediocrities.



Productivity of the service is the assertion of unprecedented yield.



The potential for efficiency via any means is quality.



Predictability of service is the ability to facilitate access for the inference of a foreseeable future.



The equilibrium of the consistent maintenance of constructure.



The phase which deduces the competence of the entirety.

Our Approach to Agile Transformation

Business transformation is like climbing Mt. Everest. The trekker should go through three mental stages to reach the peak: reflection, adaptation, and being present. The same mental stability and perseverance are much needed for Agile transformations. We are experts at coaching you to reach your potential. Below is the path we will guide you through.


Establishing an agile operating model based on WHO, WHAT, & WHY through an organization's guiding principles


Creating Stability and clarity on what and when to build, establishing a regular cadence of delivery, and establishing Delivery Predictability


Creating Org. Level value streams and introducing a regular release cadence at the enterprise level.


Hashing out org. Level dependencies and automating the overhead processes.


Creating cross-functional & independent teams and introducing Organic Governance structures.


Continuous Improvement through Innovating and learning.


What does a typical transformation roadmap look like?
( Transforming for success )

Business Assessment

Starting goals,
Key business challenges &
Potential growth opportunities.

Starting with Why

Why do you need to transform?

Evaluate current capabilities

Digital capability assessment,
Staff feedbacks
(survey and workshop) &
Requirement analysis and process map.

Get the right buy-in

The executive &
The board.

Identify courses of action

List of actions to bridge the capability gaps &
Identify future capabilities (people, process, platform/system)

Formulate and prioritize

Group the related courses of action into packages as initiatives &
prioritize the initiatives based on impact and effort

Develop a roadmap/plan

Develop the sequence of initiatives,
Resource plan &
Budget plan

Find partners to accompany the organization on the Journey

Communication and stakeholder engagement

Start initiatives

Are You Ready?

Getting started with us is quick and easy. Drop in your questions. And the process starts with a quick phone call to determine how we can help. We like to follow this initial call with a face to face whiteboard session to learn more about your company and explore our approach in greater depth.